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Book now – Multiadventure: Zipline, vertical hiking, climbing, caving and rappel

From: 72,00

Why do the multi-adventure pack in Gran Canaria? 

If you like to try new things and you can’t decide which one to choose, we have prepared these two multiadventure packages in Gran Canaria so that you don’t have to choose one activity. The only condition is that you like adrenaline and want to have fun. On the one hand we have the simple one and on the other hand the complete one. In both of them you will enjoy more than three hours of adrenaline and fun.

Types of packages:


This package is designed to test the main activities: zip line, vertical hiking and climbing. For three hours enjoy nature from the heights!


If you don’t find the single activity enough, don’t worry, we are adding more activities and more hours! In addition to zip lines, climbing and vertical hiking you can enjoy rappelling and caving for 5 hours.